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Keene Music Services, LLC is the business entity for work performed by vocal contractor Colleen Keene. Primarily a vocalist and a contractor of small vocal groups, Colleen formed the LLC Keene Music Services in 2014. Keene Music Services does business as Colleen Keene, The Other Reindeer Carolers, The Scarolers, Down 4 The Count, and The Other Reindeer A Cappella. If you have hired Keene Music Services and need a completed W9, please use the contact form below and we will attend to your request ASAP.

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Keene Music Services specializes in providing small vocal groups for events such as proposals, weddings, funerals, private parties, tenant appreciation parties, company parties, festivals, retail promotions, and boat parades. Small vocal groups of 4-8 people generally don't need a conductor, are more mobile and flexible, and cost less than a full choir. There are multiple attire and music options for all occasions. 


The Scarolers are a novelty group of "Victorian Zombies". Their repertoire is "scarodies" of familiar carols and popular contemporary Halloween songs

The Other Reindeer Carolers are cheerful carolers whose extremely large repertoire includes traditional classic carolers as well as contemporary favorites

Down 4 The Count is a five-voice a cappella vocal jazz group that performs unique arrangements in a folk-influenced jazz style

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